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We inform you and we help you to discover and to plan your vacation, choosing between a lot of possibilities that have who decides to sojourn in Valpolicella or in Verona.

Enogastronomical Trips - Winetesting ( Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella Classico)- Cultural Trips - Naturalistic Trips - Excursions and Trakking - Mountan biking

Enogastronomical suggestions and Winetesting
In this page you will find some images and some connections for one visit of
yours in advance


Visit and winetasting in the cellar of Valpolicella and the other regions
(Bardolino, Soave, Custoza, Lugana)



Eat the typical dishes of Valpolicella
in the most typical taverns


(Polenta e sopressa, Pastissà de caval, Lesso co la Pearà)


Winetesting of different producer of Amarone della Valpolicella


Agriturismo "Al Mulino"
Antica Osteria della Valpolicella




Trattoria dalla Bice


Negrar Valley

valle Negrar Verona
Negrar valley
Vigne da vino Negrar Verona valpolicella
The vineyards

Villa Rizzardi Negrar verona
Villa "Rizzardi" at Negrar

(Cantine Conti Rizzardi)


Villa "Sorte" at S.Peretto

Villa Bertani Negrar Verona
Villa Novare at "Arbizzano" of Negrar

(Cantine Bertani)

Campanile S.Peretto Negrar Verona
The Romanesque bell tower
of "S.Peretto" (Negrar)


Some Images of the Surroundings of Negrar



Romanesque Basilica of S.Floriano

Veia Bridge and Molina Waterfall Park
Ponte di Veja Negrar Verona
The European trail to the "Veja Bridge"

Ponte di Veja Negrar Verona

Gym near rock to the bridge of Veja


Ponte di Veja Negrar Verona

Bridge of "Veja"

Ponte di Veja Grotte Negrar Verona

Archaeological park to the Bridge of "Veja"

WatherFall at "Molina" Park


Molina" Watherfall ParK

The Lessinia Regional Park



Faggio della Lessinia Verona
The beech typical tree of the Lessinia Park


Traditional sacred art "Cimbra" in stone of the Lessinia


Casa Cimbra Lessinia Verona
Typical constructions "Cimbre" of the Lessinia


Mountain Bike in Lessinia Verona
Mountain bike in Lessinia

Valle Sfingi Lessinia Verona
The valley of the Sphinxes in "Lessinia"
Cave Pietra Lessinia S.Anna Negrar Verona
The quarries of Stone of the "Lessinia"
Discover the Lessinia Park
with the horse

a few minutes from
the B. & B.

Regional park of Lessinia

Fossili della Lessinia Verona

The "Lessinia" fossils
visit the

"Museo Paleontologico e Preistorico
di S.Anna d'Alfaedo"



The marvelous city of Verona

Verona Panorama


Piazza delle Erbe


The Arena

Verona - Tomba di Giulietta
Juliet's balcony in Verona



Garda lake


Garda Baia delle Sirene Verona

Bay of the Sirens


(photos Andreas Binder)
Torri of Benaco

and the brescian coast


Garda Baia di Malcesine Verona
Malcesine on the Garda


A beautiful walk on the Garda Lake Verona's coast
betweeen olives trees and ancient vilages
from Marniga di Brenzone to Campo - 1 hour and 30 min go and back


(phothos Andreas Binder)
view from Campo

(photos Andreas Binder)
path to Campo

(photos Andreas Binder)
Campo village abandoned above
Marniga di Brenzone



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